Is it possible to accept 2 job offers (both require public trust) and see which one will accept me after the background check?

I understand the investigation is done by the government but I heard the final decision is done by the employers themselves? So what if I accept both offers and wait to see which one will approve me an EOD ?

will it look bad for me? I’m afraid the one that is doing my background check once they found out i am doing another background check from another company, they might really hate me for it and i might lose bridges.

right now I am in a background check process but just got another job offer today (also require public trust)

What do you guys think?

Go ahead and accept the second job offer. Who knows what may happen that could cause that first job offer to go away (or you end up realizing you made a mistake taking it). Things like this happen all the time.

thank you for your help.,

Im in same boat , So my Secret clearance is due for readjudication next month will say 22nd April, and I have to jobs that are both processing me to onboard as they both have sent me offers and both I have informed that my clearance expires this year. they both said there going to quickly start the process. Now how will this look will either of them find out ? also does this aggrevat my Clearance having 2 or 3 companies FSO running there fulfillments.

i think they’re gonna find out in the end. just get ready for an explanation.