Can I be sponsored for clearance by two different companies?


I was laid off from my previous job due to reduction in force in February.
In March/April I interviewed for a few positions requiring clearance, got two offers for each of those companies.
Company A (dream job) - Said that I can't start working until clearance is granted. - TS/SSBI
Company B - hired me and has unclassified work that i can do while I am being cleared. SECRET

I accepted both of them and Company A knows about Company B since I listed them as a current employer.

My question is, is it possible to have two active background investigations given that:
1. two different companies are sponsoring me
2. Different levels of Security Clearance are needed for each company

thanks in advance!


This is a timeless question. FOR THE MOST PART (there are exceptions) you can't have two investigations (or even adjudications) open at the same time.

Whoever gets in first, that investigation will start first.

Possible exceptions would be something like one job is for DoD and the other is for an agency that does their own investigations like State Dept or DHS. But in general, only one investigation at a time.


Entirely possible and I've seen it happen not just for two separate agencies in two separate departments that don't utilize OPM (e.g. ICE/CBP and FBI), I've actually seen it happen for two separate agencies that both utilize OPM for investigations, effectively opening two separate cases within the same timeframe for the same person--the difference being the requesting agencies. To add even more inexplicable weirdness, I've seen two separate cases open on an individual for the same agency. Anomalies for sure.


Thanks @sbusquirrel.
I guess I would have to quit Company B while I get cleared with Company A.
It's so stressful because i'm making all my job decisions based on this clearance.

Do you how much it would affect my investigation if I were to relocate to a different state, but still keep my address the same as the one I submitted in my SF86? I own the house, so that wouldn't be an issue on my part.


I am not sure but one thing that might be complicated is the assignment of your case. If you already had an interview with one investigator and there was any followup required they'd have to assign it to someone else.

Of course they'd also want updated info on your new residence (even if it is temporary) along with a reference or two who know you there.


Hello Biker675,

I have the same question. Did you get both the clearnaces? How did it work out for you. Can you please let me know if you got both clearances .Were you able to get Secret clearance while Company A was working on your TS/SSBI clearance. Looking forward to hear from you soon

Thanks in advance.