Two Parallel Clearance?

Hello all,

Company A: Commercial Company that I worked for (never needed clearance).
Company B: Offered me tentative job offer and submitted my clearance. Its been 13 months, investigation is under process. Never joined this company.
Company C: Started with them 5months ago, now they want to submit for my secret clearance.

Company C wants to submit for my clearance, and I had to remind my supervisor that my clearance is still under process by a DoD contractor that I never joined. My supervisor called our internal FSO and they said if thats the case, they would just have to add a note in the JPAS stating that Company C is also interested in this candidates clearance. Speaking to internal FSO it sounded like I dont need to re-submit my sf-86? Has anyone heard or gone through similar situation. My concern is I want to take less risk and dont want to ruin my chances and having to wait another 13months while I may be close to get the full clearance. If Company B still keeps sponsoring than do I need to add more complexity to my case by having company C add to my clearance? What shall I do?

Thank you for the response.

Your new company can take control of your investigation in JPAS. If they don’t know how to do it, they can contact the JPAS help desk and they will walk them through it.

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Thank you @EdFarmerIII for your response. Does that mean the original company B, that started the clearance process gets dropped out and the new company C takes complete control? Or are they both going to be notified of my investigation and decision once made? Company B hasn’t reached out to me and I think they still want me for their future opportunities. I want to keep my options open from career perspective.

Only one company can control your application. If you take a job with Company B, you can always let Company A know that you are still interested in future positions and that you will let them know when you clear.

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Is this the same with scattered castles? Maybe that is holding up something with both agencies I’m processing with.

This will never happen.

This should never happen.

This is not supposed to happen.

But sometimes it does happen. Don’t count on it though. Just hope they dont both go into some wait-state hoping for the other to finish first.

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Thank you @EdFarmerIII for your response. This helps me make informed decision.

Not sure if I understand your statement @hawk911?

I’m with Squirrel. I hear horror stories of them getting booted out of the system…but no real confirmation.

Yeah it just worries me that neither agency has mentioned anything about each other. I have asked if it’s a problem and both said that it’s fine they do their own investigations. Both are IC agencies. I have did poly’s with both and have been interviewed by different background investigators for both. Both investigators were also informed of the two ongoing investigations and were given all the contact information for each other. Some references were interviewed by both also. I have contacted my senator just to throw something else in the mix even though I am sure it won’t help. It will be interesting to see what happens if I ever hear anything.

Hi @amberbunny, when you say booted out you mean the investigation gets dropped out?

My situation is Company 1 submitted my clearance paperwork and hopefully get me started on interim, i didnt get the interim and file went under investigation, last checked two days ago its still open. I havent contacted or nobody from Company 1 has reached out to me since last 10months. Dont even know if the position exists(mostly likely not).
My new company 2 is wanting to submit my secret clearance paperwork and I had to tell them about company 1 and my clearance being under process? My concern was can there be 2 sponsoror for clearance in JPAS or will my company 1 will get dropped out? According to Ed, only one company can sponsor.

I know my client will allow differing levels of clearance BI’s to run in parallel. So a Secret under one company can run alongside a TS request for same client, and both have an open investigation/NAC’s. I know a person can possess multiple sponsors for varying contracts at the same time as I see that all the time. But two sponsors from same client seeking same level of clearance…it would seem they allow one to finish…say OPM is conducting it…and then the second company would cross over the clearance. I am leery of stopping processing on company 1. It might send it all to the trash. Waiting until it completes and you should be close if it is a Secret NAC check. I am seeing them take 12 months currently.

Thank you @amberbunny for your response. Well in my case I have been waiting since last 14months already. After Company 1 sponsored my clearance for secret it took 12months for BI to contact me, turned they contacted me from sponsoring companies “State”, so my file was transferred to my current county/state, so still waiting to hear back. But now Company 2 that I started 6months ago wants to take ownership in JPAS of my clearance. I just hope to not get my process started all over again or get back in the line. I wish this thing was less complicated and there was a better process behind this clearance procedure.

If company B wants to take sponsorship/ownership…they simply take over the reigns and use whatever was completed. That is a huge plus. Problems happen when you switch investigative agencies or cross from JPASS functions to Scattered Castles…

@amberbunny, hopefully mine goes smoothly as Company B wants to take ownership in JPAS. Company A and B are both DoD contractor and they both want me to get my Secret Level clearance.

As Ed above mentioned there cannot be two sponsor in JPAS so I guess Company A will get dropped off whenever Company B takes the ownership?

Well…one CAN be sponsored in JPASS…and also be sponsored in another system like Scattered Castles. It is ridiculous for JPASS to not reflect multiple sponsors. We are never constrained or limited in who we can work for, have part time cleared work etc. My JPASS knowledge went out of vogue around 1997 and I am in other systems primarily since. In SC it is not unusual in the slightest to have multiple sponsors, multiple contracts, etc. Many of my employees work several contracts and each company is required to actively sponsor them. It causes me headaches all the time. When they quit one, and company A submits the termination of clearance sponsorship form…some newbie in the clearance office terminates all clearances. I won’t know until I get the next clearance roster and conduct a line by line comparison.