Applying for another job while already waiting for clearance?

Hello, this question may have been asked before but I wanted to ask again.

My first question is what happens if I eventually receive the clearance but do not take the job? Does that mean I would be able to apply somewhere else and start right away given they accept the previous investigation?

My second question is I am thinking of applying to other jobs that require a clearance but are in a different area from the original job as this new area would be more desirable. So, the question is; how would this work and how would I go about applying to these places? Should I say that I have an investigation in progress? Because I would like to work in the cleared space however life has changed and am getting married soon and would like to be in a different location.

Thank you for your help and any insight I may have missed is appreciated! Thank you!

If they are both DHS…and you were read in after clearing…key point. Easy crossover. If one is say…CIA and the other position is DoD…DHS…or even another Intell agency…likely not. It is almost comical how the 3 letters are stovepiped. Each believing they are the only ones getting it right.

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