I am cleared but dont want to join particular job , can i apply for other jobs with this clearance

I am cleared for a DOD position after 8 months or so, but due to certain circumstances I would not like to join. Can I use my status of cleared person to apply for other jobs or unless I join that particular job, I will not have a cleared status?

So I think the correct term is eligibility for a clearance, not an actual clearance. But if an employer can see your clearance in JPAS (and if its DoD then it should be in JPAS in almost all circumstances) then they might be willing to make an offer and take over your case in JPAS.

Thanks for your reply… well here is the situation after going through interview etc with investigator and all, I got an email from human resource stating " Personnel Security team has given go ahead to move forward with finalizing job offer". So does it mean eligibility for clearance is granted or clearance is granted?



Sounds like the investigation was completed and favorably adjudicated… hope they didn’t just grant an interim.

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