Company no longer filling position

I recently received my TS clearance but the sponsoring company is no longer filling the position I applied for. What are my options?
Can I apply to another organization?

Were you awarded the clearance eligibility or was the offer withdrawn? If they ended sponsorship, they are required to cancel the process. If you are on conversational terms with HR it doesn’t hurt to have the conversation, see if the clearance was granted, and if potential other cleared positions are being pursued. If the clearance was finished and you were briefed, or read in…other companies can see it and cross you over. .

I was awarded the clearance eligibility. I received briefing paperwork that I had to sign and fax over but I never actually went on the site. Am I still eligible to be crossed over?

Lilrob94 I had I a similar situation. I received a DOD secret clearance and the position was no longer available. The FSO told me to apply to other positions within the company and I could apply to other companies if I’d like. I was told any other DOD job would be able to see my clearance for up to two years. Once your clearance is favorably adjudicated I’m pretty sure anyone with access to JPAS can see your clearance eligibility status. I would start applying for other jobs, and if you get an offer with the same branch of government you should be good to go. In my situation I got an offer from a DOS company, and had to refill out SF86 and had a new investigation started. I am now waiting on the DOS clearance process to go through. Good luck to you. Start applying everywhere you can and emphasize the fact you were recently granted a clearance.