My job is not available. Can I take a different one?

If I take a different job, not with the company, that sponsored my clearance, will i be in trouble in the future?
Now after 4 year of waiting my TS is finally granted.
I have been ecstatic about that. I went through 3 interviews and administrative hearing.
But the job with the company, that has sponsored me says the position is not really available: the government client doesn’t have an urgent need for that position anymore. The company has been reticent, I called them 3 or 4 times since March, when my clearance was granted.
I am thinking of looking for a different job, for I really want to take advantage of my clearance and get a government position with higher pay an benefits. I’ve been working so hard on it, I think I deserve it.
Am I going to have any bad consequences?

People who know this, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think getting a “clearance granted” is the same as actually having an active clearance. My understanding is, until you actually get processed by the security department/get read on - you don’t have a clearance.

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Correct. The clearance is attached to the position and seat you would sit at. You were not read in. So you personally do not have a clearance. You do have fresh eligibility. That means in March you passed scrutiny to have this trust.

Your best bet is accepting any cleared position from this company if they have one. It is not unusual for a company to submit multiple people for a position knowing many are eliminated or it takes 4 years.

If they show no interest in finding you a cleared slot…move on to other companies supporting that same client. This way it is far easier to simply read you in with this client.

You are free, without penalty, to apply anywhere. On the equip or sf86 explain you cleared…but were not read in.

DoD will not see clearances from 3 letter agencies. So if it is an alphabet agency apply for those supporting same. Their clearances will exist in two places: scattered castles, and their own proprietary databases.

Side Question:

I thought I read somewhere that the IC was transitioning from SC to DISS as well. Is this true or not?

Highly doubt it. Though each scattered “C” can access SC…each uses their own proprietary database as well, usually on TS side.

The eventual goal is to have one database of cleared personnel.

Of course, reciprocity was ordered by the executive branch in 1995, and we still don’t have that either.