Can I switch jobs from what I initially accepted at the beginning of the security clearance?

I am almost a year in the security clearance process. However, since I first accepted my conditional offer, I have switched subfields. I still work with computers but do something different with them now. I like what I am doing better now compared to what I was initially offered. If I am successful in obtaining the security clearance can I request a different job?

I presume this is with a government agency? In my limited experience, it varies widely. Some agencies will only do this if you apply to a new position via a new vacancy announcement, and who knows when that might open up. Others may be more willing to work with you, at least in some cases.

I would wait until you get the final job offer (or some other notification that you’ve cleared). Can’t hurt to ask.

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Do you think I would have to go through the security clearance process again if I applied for a different job? (This all assumes the security clearance ends up being successful). And yes it is with a Government agency.

Based on the few cases I know of, no, you would not have to do the investigation over for a different position with the same agency.

There is one exception: if it took so long to get to the final job offer stage that they need to update some steps in the process.

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