What happens if I accept another job while waiting for clearance

I have been waiting to start my job for two months and am not sure if I can wait much longer. If I accept another non-clearance job will I have to take responsibility for the cost of the clearance?

Nothing happens. As far as the agency is concerned, you are free to do whatever you want until they come knocking for you to start for them. Even if you decline at the end of a favorable adjudication, they don’t expect you to pay for it.

Thanks anon1989. I needed some help

Just for extra info. I did this because I couldn’t wait any longer for the job with clearance. I went to another job that required a public trust but just a SF85 not SF86, which im still in process for. I never mentioned the other company I got another job, as anon said you should be fine. Just giving my experience and what I did. Clearances can vary from what ive witnessed and they should understand you can just sit there and wait.