Waiting on Clearance and should I seek other employment while I wait?

I started a year ago on my SF-86. I have jumped through all the hoops up to this point and now I am in adjudication, but I do not know how long I have been in adjudication. I am graduating in a STEM field at the end of the year and my wife is pregnant. I would like to start work as soon as possible after graduating. I have let my PC know this, but all I receive is a standardized response on how everyone is different and you need to be patient. I have offers at companies that do not require a clearance. Is it wrong for me to accept one of these offers while I wait to hear back from my PC? I do not know what is the acceptable amount of time to wait before moving on.

Accept one of those other positions. There’s no guarantee how long a clearance might take, nor a guarantee that it will be successful. It’s tough, but live your life as if you never applied for the cleared position


Apply for other jobs. If you are finally granted a clearance you can decide then whether to keep your current job or give notice and accept the cleared position.


Exactly…get any work you can get…if you have any issues, it may take a while. (25 Yrs doing BI’s) Good luck!

My initial clearance took 2 years to get. If you were a fulltime employee at one of these companies and died, they would have your position filled ASAP. I say that to say it’s perfectly reasonable to take the job, work as long as you are able (which could be up to and including another year or more), and when you get cleared, give your 2 weeks (or don’t; really up to you.)

Also, it’s never safe to assume that your clearance is a lock; lots of things can come up that prevent it from going through, so you’re better off having a job you can quit VS needing a job should this not work out. Either way, good luck!