Wait for Clearance or get another job?

Hi, i got a job contingent on getting secret clearance back in May. My company submitted my paperwork to the OPM May 13th and June 4th I was told my interim was denied, but my company is still going ahead with the investigation. I just recently graduated in May and I live with my parents, so I guess i could afford to wait but I want to move out and make money ASAP, I don’t enjoy being dependent or being a moocher.

Should I move on and try to get a another job? And how long is the process for a security clearance in 2019? there’s a chance my clearance could be denied because of past drug use so if I wait I could end up being screwed, but on the other hand this opportunity is really good and it feels discourteous to my employer. Thanks.

Coming from someone who waited about 8 months for a secret (just granted 1 month ago, very clean file), don’t put your life on hold. Cleared employers understand that not everyone can afford to wait indefinitely for clearance to come through, and that sometimes it won’t come through for everyone. It won’t be discourteous.

I spent 4 months finishing up school and the other 4 living with family, working part time, and applying for jobs. I wish I had made more of an effort to find a somewhat-temporary, decent-paying job while waiting to get cleared. The issue is that it always felt like my clearance was just around the corner and I didn’t want to pick up a job just to leave in (possibly) a few weeks. This was a fallacy.

Here’s what I recommend: stay in the clearance process, but start applying for internships and career jobs. If a good internship pops up, take it and use it to wait out your clearance processing. If a career job comes up that you like just as much or more than the cleared job, take it and don’t look back. You can always come to the cleared world later.


There are similar discussions on this forum, which I recommend you to do a search.

I am fairly confident that after the search, you will come to the conclusion that you ought not to wait for the process to play out as it can take a few months or year(s) depending on many factors including the information you filled out on SF-86.

@danorou gave you a pretty good advice, which I would heed.


Never put all of your employment eggs in one basket. Continue looking for a job, take one if offered and make a decision when your clearance comes through.


Yeah do both. Look for a job in the meantime