Not sure what to do after denied interim security clearance

I am foreign born but a naturalized citizen and a clean record. Recently after graduation I got a job and was waiting for interim clearance which I found out to be denied. The job required a full clearance before I can start working.

What should I do? Can I try for another government job or a private job and how does it affect my my future with government jobs. I currently have an internship but since I have a engineering degree I would like a better job and a pay.

What should I do?

Many people don’t get an interim, you will still be processed for a final clearance, so it’s not a big deal. Did they say you can start when you get your final clearance?

Did you prospective employer tell you that they can’t hold the position for you? Or, did they say that they will wait until the final decision comes in? Don’t read ANYTHING into the interim denial. It’s unlikely that it will have anything to do with the final decision. People don’t really understand the interim process. Being a naturalized (I don’t know how recently) is probably enough to prevent an interim and your company should have known that up front.

What should you do now? Go out and look for work in the private sector or uncleared government work. Don’t just sit and wait for your final to come. It could be six months, it could be two years. Seriously.

Don’t put your life on hold waiting.


Thank you, helps a lot. Was unsure if this could affect future work in government sector.

Yes once I get my full I can start working, the issue is since I have a degree I don’t want to sit at my internship when I can learn something and be paid more at a different company

As Ed said, don’t sit around waiting to get cleared. Reach out to uncleared positions if you cannot work until then. If they let you work and pay you reasonably until fully cleared…stick around. If you can do better elsewhere, move. I think the naturalization is what denied the interim, and that is not derogatory.

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