10 Secret Reinvestigation

I recently completed my e-QIP and was informed by my security POC that it had been submitted to the DOD CAF. I see a lot of discussion about timelines, but most of what I read is related to initial clearances. Does anyone have any insight regarding the timeline for reinvestigations of active military, currently holding a clearance? Is the process any different/faster than the initial/first-time-around?

I personally know of at least one DoD reinvestigation that been in process since some time in 2015. It really depends on what turns up.

Based on what I am hearing from my friends still on AD, the timeframes closely mirror what you are likely seeing on the board here.

One of them told me that he has guys coming in to the command that need an upgrade from S to TS/SCI. Some of them never get it finally adjudicated within their two year long tour and leave without ever being able to do what they were ordered there for in the first place. While he can get them interim TS, he cannot get them interim SCI and no SCI means no JWICS access so he has to try to find them something else to do. As he put it, “This isn’t any way to run a railroad.”

If you are in for a periodic reinvestigation, it means you are already cleared and eligible to work with classified material. As a result, your case is at a lower priority and will not be pushed as fast as someone who needs that clearance to get to work.

At least that has been my experience.