New Investigation?

I’ve been in the process for 3.5 years. I submitted my SF-86 in April 2015 for a position in IC (TS SCI). Aren’t reinvestigations done every 5 years? Or does this only count for people who hold a clearance and are not in the process of getting one? Also, if anything ever does come though, would I only be reinvestigated 5 years after my start date/actively holding a clearance?

Re-investigation only happens for those already possessing. Sadly, you go back into the re-investigation hopper at roughly 4.5 years from close date of the BI as I understand. I had several who were cleared with full scope poly, and the re-investigation took over 27 months…but when granted…they were returned into the group 27 months later. Are you sure you remain in process? Are there significant debts, recreational drug use or foreign connections you are aware of that are slowing you down? You may have become a bit of an orphan file. Your clearance case manager moved on, the next person is given loads each month…your folder gets pushed further and further of their desk. I had this happen several times. Normally as the CSO/FSO I put a list together and go back through my government technical manager for security and they reach out to the clearance folks for a status check. They will get an answer, I likely would not.

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They’ve been in touch with me recently asking for some paperwork, actually a new CoE. I was told this was because of my degree? (Have a bachelor’s). I signed that and sent it back last week. Also had to send one more foreign national contact form last week that they wanted.

The contact form was for my spouse. This was not a person she keeps in constant contact with. They may exchange text with birthdays or holidays, but that’s it. My spouse had to fill out all Facebook contacts which was done last October, as well as anyone kept in constant contact. This person that was requested did not fit either criteria at the time, even at this time.

I guess I’ll stop complaining (not that I am really). My investigation will have been open two years next month.

Lol all good. There was a time where I literally thought everyday could be the day. Now I just go about my business and give them whatever they ask. If the call comes, it comes. :slight_smile:

So reinvestigations can go on without ever getting “stale” or “old”?

Ish. They are normally active and moving forward slowly (as you know), or they are refused. At times if waiting on info from the prospective person…they can go cold…get handed off several times and all the while the candidate is in the dark and a less savvy FSo is as well. I stay on top of mine and will ask questions after certain amounts of time. 18 months for a TS SCI, 6 months for a Secret, or 2.5 months if I don’t see it was opened and active. Technically the re-investigation can be progressing slowly…and appear stale…but once it is complete, the close date of the BI is the “clock starts ticking date” When they get stuck in adjudication…that time is lost time and though a person took 27 months…in about 30 more, they get another BI started. But that is usually due to known circumstances, wonky finances etc.

“Refused?” I didn’t even know that was a thing. I suppose I shouldn’t be even thinking about it since it is active and I’m working.

Refused as in denied. Bad word choice on my end. If you are working in the cleared position that is great. You just continue. Where it impacts you is if you want to leave for another position, new company etc. Then you are just out of scope. Saw that happen with a large contract on my compound. They let employee clearances go well out of scope and then when a contract issue was settled, many decided to walk away not knowing they were out of scope. Once the system updated showing them as not currently sponsored…they were no longer eligible to be crossed over. Each required starting as an initial.