Periodic Reinvestigation Help

Greetings friends. I just started a new job and have the lovely perk of being the FSO. One of our employees is in need of a periodic reinvestigation and I don’t even know where to begin. It will be a NACLC investigation. Does he have to fill out the SF86 again? Am I responsible for doing the credit checks and checking police records?


I don’t even know where to begin??? We are a govt contractor, so I am working in JPAS. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I advise you to get smart quickly by completing as many of the online classes found at DSS for new FSOs:


Can you request an interim clearance while waiting for you periodic to be completed? my clearance lapsed while waiting for my periodic to be approved

I had my second 5 year PR initiated in November 2012 as a contractor, I had since been deployed and changed contracting positions; then came back to the US and took a third contracting position under the same PR. The third company even sent an RRU, with no response back in April 2014. The recent contract ended in July 2014. I was debriefed and given a form by the government SSO stating that on my resume I can declare that I am “SCI Eligible.” My recent former company FSO said that I still have my TS, but the contracting company FSO said that the company cannot hold my clearance if I am not employed with them. Two other companies looking up my clearance in JPAS said that my clearance is “out of scope from November 2012” I read:

“…It can be fairly easy to reinstate within the first 24 months, as long as that falls within the periodic reinvestigation window.” (ref: Chris Michel, Military.com

Do I fall within that statement? Is that a true statement? What course of action do you recommend that I take for discussing the status of my clearance with future contract employers after holding a TS/SCI for almost 15 years? I sincerely appreciate any knowledge and advice to remedy this matter.

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Clearances are not personal property in that they do not transfer with you when you leave employment and no longer need one. That being said, a new clearance can be granted if it has been 24 months or less since you were debriefed AND the investigation upon which the clearance was granted is still within scope and at the level needed for the new clearance. Secret is 10 years, TS is 5 years. SCI access has it’s own requirements but you have to have a TS in place in order to get SCI. Make sense?

Almost makes sense, except can I receive further clarification of the difference between “within scope” and “out of scope”? Am I “out of scope” during my re-investigation (initiated 5 years after my last adjudicated TS)? If so, what happens if while I am working and “out of scope” during the 5 year PR; then my contract ends, and I am debriefed, and the PR is automatically closed prior to adjudication?

Can another company still pick up my TS clearance and re-open the TS PR, within the 24 month window (the time period starting from my last initiated TS PR which was 2012)? Or, is “within scope” to mean only if the TS clearance PR was not closed, can another company pick up the TS clearance, requiring a TS clearance?

I appreciate any clarification of scope in this particular situation.



It sounds like you had a PR in progress when you moved to a position which no longer needed it. If the investigation was completed then another agency can request a copy of that investigation, review it, have you fill out an SF-86 as an update, and if all looks good, grant you a clearance without having to initiate a new investigation.

I did have a PR in progress for about 18 months and 10 days. Then my contract ended last month. My company had no other position/contract for me to transition. My job ended. I was debriefed and provided a form letter that I can tell perspective employers that I am “SCI Eligible” on my resume. But, what concerns me is that after 18 months, the investigation was never “completed” --it was just “closed”. A recruiter said that her FSO looked me up in JPAS and relayed “the PR for your TS was closed and therefore it is now ‘out of scope’.” As of my work day (debriefing) that my 5yr PR investigation, initiated over 18 months ago, was still not closed. Do I still have 6 months “without having to initiate a new investigation” to identify another contract so another agency can request a copy of that investigation, review it, have me fill out an SF-86 as an update, and if all looks good, reinstate the 5 yr TS PR investigation (and hopefully soon after finally adjudicate and close the PR)?