DCSA requesting reinvestigation

Granted a TS/SCI by NSA CAF on 09/23. I just started a contract with DIA and I’m enrolled in CE. I received an email from my company saying DCSA is requesting reinvestigation. Is this normal?

This whole Continuous Evaluation thing is still too new to tell what’s “normal”

Supposedly an investigation can be triggered by their periodic automated checks. I think they are supposed to be monitoring credit reports, foreign travel records, law enforcement databases, etc.

When you say 9/23 does that mean September 2023? Does seem a bit odd that they would be triggering a new investigation so soon but this is a new way of doing business.

I was in a similar situation. I was going for a job as a contractor job at DIA a few years ago and they wanted me to fill out another SF-86 before I could start working on the contract despite having the appropiate clearence that was in scope. The case sat in adjudication for over 5 months before the company just withdrew my application and it left a open status on my clearence, which made my clearence unusable.

A few months ago, I applied to another DIA contractor position. They did not require me to fill out another SF-86 and I was able to start the position in about a month to a month and a half. I was told that there are “random” times where the government will request you to fill out another SF-86 before starting. I have found this to be unnecessary in the long run.

My advice, and remember I am just some random person on the internet, I would not continue with this job. Find another position that does not have you fill out another SF-86 and you can just have your clearence crossover.

Take it from me. I have been waiting for a final adjudication from DIA since last year. It has been over 9 months and my case has still been in adjudication. If you fill out another SF-86, your clearence cannot be used for another position until it is adjudicated and that will take months.


Yes got cleared in September 2023. I saw a similar post concerning this. My last investigation was done by CAF because I changed agency DCSA doesn’t have my records In NBIS. I will reach out to my FSO on Monday to check what’s going on

This used to be pretty standard, but when I started my current contractor job they did not ask for one. The company FSO said the customer “might” ask for a new SF-86 but they have not yet done so.

I’m currently working with the DIA. Does that mean I will stop working until the reinvestigation is completed? I received the email two days ago but didn’t get any login information. They ask me to feel the new SF86 in NBIS within 7 days.

You won’t stop working from your current position. What it means is that you will not be able to get another job. Once you fill out a SF-86, the system reads this as unadjudicated information. Your SF-86 must be adjudicated in order for you to get another job.

This will most likely take months to adjudicate and your new company may not want to wait that long for you to clear. If you leave your current position, you cannot get another cleared position becuase you opened a new investigation on yourself. It leaves your clearence in limbo.

This why I advise to find another position you can just transfer into. It will be much faster and much smoother than having to wait months for your clearence to be adjudicated, which you don’t need to since you already hold one. My mine it taking 9 going into 10 months with DIA. Do you want to wait that long?

I agree this is all very confusing and the Limbo issue is the worst of all in my opinion because it takes away due process. That is how they get around appeals.

One thing that i have seen in my career is that not all SF86 go to a “formal” adjudication. Sometimes they are just for paperwork; if that makes sense.

I’ve filled out many that didn’t trigger a new adjudication for example.

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I agree with you. I’m enrolled in CE now I guess they just want to keep my records in DSIM. I found a similar situation like this on Reddit stating clearances that were adjudicated from NSA CAF are been reinvestigated and kept in DCSA DSIM to prevent periodic investigations.

It’s been four days since I received the email and I need to submit within 7 days and I haven’t received any login information.

Actually I’m not ready to make any move for now because I’m still new in the cleared world. I’m trying to understand how it works but for what I’m seeing it’s been really frustrating since I got cleared. Been out of work for 5 months waiting on my cross over now that I’m working they have requested a new
reinvestigation that is making me have sleepless night. The only changes I have to make is I’m intending to marry a foreign national which I’m currently sponsoring to bring her to the states. She’s on my previous 86. Maybe that will trigger some questions.

If you have been waiting five months now, just imagine how much longer it will take once you open an investigation on yourself. I have had a CJO with DIA for last 9 months and it will soon be 10 months. Do you really want to wait this long?

Also, since you are intending to marry and sponsor a foreign national, this will complicate your case. At the minimum, it will delay the amount of time it takes for you to be cleared. You are potentially looking at a clearance/suitability denial as a result of sponsoring a foreign national. There have been people who have applied for clearances and have been denied for similar and even less serious infractions than sponsoring a foreign national.

There are no guarantees that you will be cleared, especially in the IC. It would be easier just to have your clearance crossover or not fill out a new SF-86, but that is your call.

I called my FSO today. He said there will be no reinvestigation. They only need my SF86 to get the record in NBIS for CE. Exactly what the previous person said is just a record purpose. You never know maybe they are not even investigating you within that 10 months. It’s better to give them a call for your peace of mind.

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I have been in adjudications for months with DIA. Evertime I ask for my status, I get the same automated response saying that I am still processing through security. This what happens when your case goes into adjudication. It is extremely diffucult to get any reliable information on were you stand or when it will be completed.

Its good that you will not have a whole other investigation done. Just be sure to ask your FSO if your case will have to go to adjudication.

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I completely agree. It is the most opaque phase of the process.

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I have been contacting DCSA for the login information for DSIM. They said they sent it out multiple times checked my inbox and junk couldn’t find anything. I have also updated my FSO on this will update you guys on this. Thank you all for your responses.

Im confused now. Who is the customer on your contracts: DIA , DCSA?

DIA is the customer. DCSA is doing the reinvestigation. Everything is confusing about the DOD to be honest.

Well, if you are opening a investigation on yourself, you will not be able to take any other cleared job in certain databases. You most likely will not be able to work any job in which DISS is used to verify your clearence. Now you are going to have to wait several months(be prepared for 6 to 12 months) before you get cleared.

Be advised, should your company you are onboarding with decide to no longer pursue employment with you, this will leave an open investigation on your clearence and it will leave it in limbo. If your clearence is in limbo, it will be unuasable. Hopefully yours will not take 9 months.

2 questions. When you say you listed her on the previous SF86, did you indicate that you were sponsoring her & is she from a HIC?

Actually, if they decided not to pursue it then your case would be CNA (Closed No Action)