DCSA requesting reinvestigation

New agency. I can tell you not one 3 letter agency trusts any of the others, each insisting only “they” do it right. When I crossed back over from the SCI Poly world to DoD, I was under CE, 7 months shy of 5 year anniversary normally requiring 2 polys. I was told, “you are good, CE…nope need reinvestigation, new Equip, wait CE…no Equip…” Finally they decided CE covered me and I stepped down to regular TS. Not unusual. Owner of the SEI makes call. Time between getting the NSA clearance to this one means plenty time for potential misconduct so they want what I call a “no no no” check. No arrests, no drugs, no alcohol issues, no credit change for negative, no terminations."


She is not from HIC. I’m feeling the new SF86 and I reach out to my FSO regarding the sponsorship he said I shouldn’t worry about that if she hasn’t been in the states and I will need to report as soon as they get here. But yeah she is listed in the sf86.

I agree with you and I’ve heard a lot of people saying the same thing. I was told is not an actual reinvestigation they just want my data in DCSA DSIM for CE. I pray nothing bad happens on their end. And at the same time, I don’t have anything to hide or afraid of. Someone here said not to accept the reinvestigation and I should move to another contract. I wish I can do that. However, I’ve been around for only 9 months and didn’t work for 5 months while waiting for crossover. I’m new in cleared world and I don’t know much about it. I’m really scared to move around just like that.