DIA to NSA reciprocity

Contractor to contractor move - I just got approved for CCA and start in a few weeks at the NSA. I currently have a TS/SCI CI poly. What’s the process like upgrading to a FS poly? My company is saying it’ll be around 9 months from indoc to poly…how accurate is that? CCA was so backed up it took 6 months for approval. Will the NSA do a brand new investigation from scratch? I had to fill out a new SF-86 so I assume they might. I was enrolled in CV/CE in 2021.

You will have to fill out everything again, just as a new hire would. The only difference is that if your investigation is still within the 5 year you might save time on that no matter if you are in CV/CE. Come back and update us on your progress, some people make it through more timely than others.

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If im not mistaken, a CCA is an interim, nothing is going to happen until you get cleared for Final and then everything will be based on need of the job.