DIA to NSA reciprocity

Contractor to contractor move - I just got approved for CCA and start in a few weeks at the NSA. I currently have a TS/SCI CI poly. What’s the process like upgrading to a FS poly? My company is saying it’ll be around 9 months from indoc to poly…how accurate is that? CCA was so backed up it took 6 months for approval. Will the NSA do a brand new investigation from scratch? I had to fill out a new SF-86 so I assume they might. I was enrolled in CV/CE in 2021.

You will have to fill out everything again, just as a new hire would. The only difference is that if your investigation is still within the 5 year you might save time on that no matter if you are in CV/CE. Come back and update us on your progress, some people make it through more timely than others.

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If im not mistaken, a CCA is an interim, nothing is going to happen until you get cleared for Final and then everything will be based on need of the job.

I took the poly in mid-April and admitted to hiring an escort before having my clearance 4+ years ago. Didn’t make it to the CI questions and was told I would need to reschedule. It’s been 1.5 months and haven’t gotten rescheduled yet. Worried I’m screwed since I admitted to something but I also didn’t want to be dishonest.

Yea @Red1 if they stopped the poly and didnt finish it, thts a big red flag. Anytime i have seen this happen to people it was followed by some type of denial. Either clearance denial or suitability. I would start making preparations on your next options if you lose your clearance.

One exception would be if they just ran out of time. As far as how long to reschedule, it can take a while, don’t panic just yet. But any time you admit to something during a polygraph that isn’t on the forms (even if the forms didn’t ask about it :roll_eyes: ) it can, shall we say, complicate matters.

They didn’t really “stop” it, I made it through the lifestyle questions and they said they didn’t have time to continue to the CI questions since it had been 3+ hours since starting. They specifically told me I would be rescheduled - I sure hope it’s not as bad as you say.


Ah nevermind, with this clarification its not as bad then. I thought they stopped the poly there even with time remaining.