What after CIA full scope


I am not sure if this was answered before i recently took 2 polys (jan 2017) 'because the first one was inconclusive on the second one all i was told was they would send it to quality control . This is for.CIA contacting position my sf 86 was submitted in April 16 and i met with the investigator and most of my references were contracted

My question is what happens next i haven’t got clear response from my FSO i assumed the poly is the last step before the adjucation fyi this is for a TS/SCI SSBI with full scope poly

Appreciate thoughts and feedback

Sounds like the background investigation was done and favorable, which is why you got to the polygraph. My guess is that it will get queued up for an adjudicator to review the poly results and make a final decision. Unknown how long that will take given the current state of government,

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Marko is correct. I have seen waits of 5 to 6 months before getting the notification of “cleared” after the Poly’s. I can also tell you a wait of over 4 months can be followed with “you need to re-poly.” I had three employees take a third Poly, and one person had two Poly’s and follow up Interview. . Each was on a routine re-investigation of a full scope. You may even get a call from an adjudicator to simply “go over this one more time before I sign and push it off my desk.” 15 to 18 month waits are the norm for us right now for Full Scope with Poly.