Intel Clearance

I am in the process of getting an Intel clearance (TS SCI FS Poly). Just trying to see what is the next step after this. Below is a timeline of events.

I submitted SF-86 on 26 Jan 18, credit report pulled

Feb 18-Conducted interview, co-workers, neighbors, and investigator informed me that SF-86 was accepted by the Client.

In 2015 lost my job for about a year, got behind on the mortgage and car payment, I took this job in 2017, I caught back up on all bills. I had to submit some paperwork showing that some accounts from years ago were paid off and that my mortgage/car payment was up to date (which they had been current for 90 days by this time).

Investigator called me to let me know that the Client accepted the SF-86 and wish me luck.

Jul 2018-I received a packet from my FSO which contained paperwork asking me to explain in details why I had fallen behind on my bills and how I planned to prevent this from happening in the future. I answered the questions, submitted back to FSO the following day for submittal back to the Client.

Does anyone have any insight into what’s the next step?

It is all just a waiting game. Your information will be forwarded to Adjudication for a determination. Could take 2 yrs for that.

Update: 4 Oct received email from FSO saying the client request a date for poly test. Informed today that it will take place on 5 Dec since I’m OCONUS. Whats next and how long does it take after poly for adjudication?

You take the Poly. Be prepared to take a second within a day, so if flying in for the poly give an extra day to see if they give an immediate call back. All poly’s are reviewed by several levels, each can want an area explored. It is absolutely normal to get 2, and a good amount get 3 and a follow up interview. I waited 4.5 months once after a poly to be told they wanted to see me again. After the second and follow up phone conversation…I cleared a week later. Not unusual to take 18 months to 24 months from time you submitted the SF86.

Amberbunny- They sent me a request to pull my credit report yesterday. I know it is because of past due bills which I had. I have paid everything off, caught up and on time for way over a year. I only have two credit cards with only $200 owed between the both. So I figured it is just to see where my credit stand now compared to 10 months ago. FSO said it shouldn’t be much longer now for adjudication.

Super! file under trust…but verify. They should see the new data and upgraded score so I think you are good to go. Keep us posted!

I talked to one of the Government security personnel on-ground where I am about my clearance. He made a phone call to an old colleague, the colleague was able to see who had my file, made no promises, spoke with the adjudicator whom she knew about my clearance on Monday. Well I was informed on Wednesday 14 Aug that my clearance was approved and favorably adjudicated.


@910TSSEEKER… congratulations!!!

Outstanding! I call that the “proverbial whack on the side of the TV set in the 70’s.” Experts insist it has no effect. But sometimes the picture improved…and out popped your clearance.

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Congrats on your clearance!!