What is the wait process for Poly?

hi all. hope you can give me some light here…
submitted my application for T5 (gov. contractor agency)

SF86 submitted Feb 28, 2019
Interview with the Agent on March 22, 2019

not sure what is the wait for the Poly? My recruiter is not saying much … so am not sure.

Looking forward for some similar experiences or applications submitted in 2019 and comments on your process.

Thanks in advance.

It really depends on the agency that is conducting. It can be anywhere from two weeks up to 18 months.

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i see. is there anything that i may do to speed up?

planning on travelling for almost a month soon and dont put things on hold personal- and application-wise…

thanks for your response.

Probably not. If I read your original post correctly, this is for a contractor position? Most likely a lower priority unless they pull some strings.

Seems like scheduling for the poly is rough all over.

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Once it is done…just sit and wait

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At least you had your subject interview already. I submitted my SF86 in August and the TS upgrade initiated in Nov 2018. Poly was done in January this year and it’s been radio silence since then. I currently have a Secret and in scope SSBI through DoD, so this might be different from someone who does not have a clearance. This is also for a contractor position with the agency,

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i don’t know… It all seems like it does depend on the individual cases.
I just wonder is it going to take a while…

It most certainly depends on the uniqueness of each person’s case. Everyone has varying degrees of situations revealed during the BI. Much is routine, boilerplate checks with nothing questions. Others may have great credit with the exception of one major bill (saw that with a person having an 800 plus score, no mention on their 3 credit bureau reports). 18 to 24 months from turning in the SF86 isn’t unusual.