Long wait. When will I clear?

Been processing for over 3 years. Had to go back and redo poly and other testing since prior ones timed out and I passed everything and the feeling I got was that I was good to go. So now I’m wondering … will I clear soon?!?! The wait is just … painful. Anyone get good news after having been in my position?


I think I’ve heard of people finally getting onboard at CIA (and maybe NSA too) after waiting over three years. Pretty unusual, but not unheard of.


I waited 2 1/2 years to get cleared with practically no record and no red flags and it was torture. So while for some people it’s not common but for others it is normal. Is it worth the wait yes most definitely because you have tons of job opportunities. I’m sure with Covid slowing everything down is part of the reason. Luckily I had a full time job while I was waiting so at least you weren’t relying on that never ending process. The government doesn’t care about how long you have to wait for it or if you have have bills to pay. So hopefully you aren’t in this is my only job type scenario and have something for now. Good luck to you!!


Thanks so much. It’s hard being in limbo this long. I was explicitly told that COVID had something to do with the delays (they told me this after I passed recent round of poly, etc), which makes me think more have to be in the same boat as me. Of course, if I clear tomorrow, I’ll say the proces was totally worth it and I’d do it all over again!

I’m at 43 months since the original sf86. I had an SF-86c, and ended up submitting a new SF86 8 months ago and meeting with another BI. Not yet gotten the call for another poly. I was also told COVID played a role.

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My BI had been completed since a year and 4 months ago and since that time I’ve been waiting for poly to be scheduled. This is for a contractor role. The response I’m getting is that “we only have a few spots allocated to us and there are people who are already on the contract and need a poly”. So it’s a never ending circle - there will always be people who are already working who need a poly and so they will get a priority.
Good thing I am processing directly for a Fed as well. The bad thing - the salary is laughable but I will take it because it’s the job I want to do.


Thanks for all the replies. Happy to hear we’re not alone (maybe happy isn’t the right word?). Are there any investigators out there who might be able to chime in? @Amberbunny2 ?
Thank you in advance.

Misery loves company :slight_smile:


Posted in another discussion, but I am a little over 3 years now. Saw some movement recently, but still waiting. It seems like there are quite a few people in the 2+ year group.

Finally got the call. There is hope for us after all. Signing off, friends. Best of luck.


Is this for CIA? This post must be 20…

Glad to hear it!

Were you able to renegotiate from your initial job offer?

@ArseneWenger Can you renegotiate? As I understand from my HR, all you can do it send an updated copy of your resume and if you got some additional experience from the time you got your CJO they might add something, otherwise everything stays the same.

I don’t know - haven’t been extended a FJO. I’ve heard some people negotiated after a long processing period, but that might be organization-specific, and might depend on whether a direct hire or not