14 months since poly - no movement

I submitted my SF86 in June 2018 (648 days ago, but who’s counting?) for a position in the IC. Within weeks, I conducted an interview with a BI, as did my contacts. In January of 2019, I took my poly over the course of two days, which was inconclusive. Since then, there’s been no movement on my application that I’m aware of, and no one has contacted me for additional info. No prior financial issues or run-ins with the law. Minor drug use, which I had stopped two years prior to submitting my SF86. Relatively extensive travel history. No real foreign contacts outside of family, which I speak to sparingly. I’ve never been given a POC, and thus don’t even know if I’m still in the investigation phase or adjudication. Whenever I contact the agency’s security office, all I’m told is that my application is still “processing.” Tried contacting my senator in July 2019, which didn’t amount to much. Is it normal for there to be such a long wait post-poly? Is there any other recourse I can take to speed up the process or at the very least find out where I am in the process? I’m mainly venting out of frustration here, but I figured this is the best place to do it…

In some cases an issue is uncovered during the poly that they want to dig into. This can add a lot of time to the process. Not saying this is what happened in your case but it has been known to happen.

At minimum expect a call to discuss whatever it is they need answered. Many times it is as easy as proving a bill was paid or forgetting a minor foreign contact. If it isnt a poly you get called back for…that person is really on your side looking for the practical explanation as to why the poly was inconclusive.

@Amberbunny2 in your experience, is it safe to assume that since it’s been 14 months since the poly, and I’ve yet to be contacted with follow-ups or requests to conduct it again, that I’ve been cleared on that front?

I had a call back at 5 months on one of my clearance cycles. Don’t believe I saw one go 14 months and get called. My assumption is after 14 months it is at adjudication where a large back up exists. Meeting with an adjudicator is not a bad thing if called for that. In those situsituations they are looking for practical explanations of any disconnect.

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@Amberbunny2 Thanks for the insight!

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