The Delays are killing me

Are they still putting holds on DCSA cases until covid ends?

See the below thread.

If you want an accurate answer, you shouldn’t completely erase your original post.

Nope. We have been getting people cleared with no problems.

It’s been almost 8 months from the day my BI has completed. I am not in adjudication, because I have to get scheduled for a polygraph first, which for some reason takes ridiculous amount of time. I see people getting polys left and right, I don’t know what the problem is here. My contracting company is totally useless in terms of communication. It’s very frustrating.

Maybe being able to vent and share experiences here will help pass the time. Yes I think polygraphs are messed up, there’s such a backlog and they may start slowing down again with COVID.

In the meantime, hopefully you are gainfully employed and are not going too insane.

Thanks @sbusquirrel. Yes, I am employed - otherwise this process would have felt even worse. It just sucks that I am in between phases for so long, god knows when poly will happen and then there is a small matter of adjudication… It is what it is.

If it makes you feel any better, I’m still waiting… cleared back in September and no job until probably January or who knows when… If I wouldn’t have my partner support I don’t know how I would manage 2.5 years waiting for a job. Sometimes I doubt the sanity of the entire process…

And yes, sbusquirrel, you are right as always, this forum does help to unclog and bring some normalcy into the waiting process.


Hey @GenerationX, did you actually come to the processing office there to get read on or they just called you and said your papers came in? If it’s the second - you have your clearance “on paper”, but not on SC yet, so no one will be able to see it yet.
I’m hoping they are contacting you once in a while to give you updates. Rooting for you.

No I never physicaly went in. Back in September I was phoned and was told my clearance was adjudicated favorably and was asked if I still interested in the position. I was given an option to choose between two offices for the future employment. I was told most likely I will be starting in the beginning of the new year. That’s about it.

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@sbusquirrel and others.
Can someone explain to me how these things work, please. I am being processed for a TS/SCI by a small contractor. My BI completed at the beginning of April and since then I am waiting for a poly to be scheduled. Without a poly adjudication can’t start. So I’ve been in nowhere land for 8 months now.
As I understand, there are very few spots allocated to my contractor to send people for a polygraph, so they are giving priority to people already working and requiring renewal. That’s understandable, but this is an unending circle: there will always be people in front of me already on the contract needing renewals. Given COVID situation - this backlog might take a very long time.
Do you think this long wait is because my contractor is tiny, so let’s say they get to send 2 people a month, while Leidos sends 50? Also, how long before my BI gets “stale” and the new one will have to begin, because it hasn’t been adjudicated?

I don’t think it matters what size company you are working for. And I think renewals are also a lower priority; I think the highest priority is given to new staff applicants (that is people being hired directly by the agency in question as government civilians). After that, new contractor applicants. Renewals come last…

But you do raise an interesting point about the original investigation… now I have heard of people having to re-do a polygraph if it has been a long time since the last one and they have not yet started (does that make sense?), but have not heard of an investigation expiring. I think there was somebody who reported they were in process with CIA and had to submit an SF-86C which is a form where you provide any changes to your last SF-86.

I hope that makes at least some sense… it is a strange process anyway.

Thank you. So based on your answer, I think I am in your new contractor candidate category (your second priority)… but maybe not, because I am going for a position with a gov agency, where my contractor is supplying people to them. So I am not sure I see a lot of differences between your highest and second priority.
Anyway, the one time my processing contracting company blessed me with their email, they said they get very few spots to send people for a poly and renewals take precedence. What do I know… By the time my number is called I may have Alzheimer’s already.