Are you experiencing i.c. poly and/or med delays?

Hi All,
Someone submitted SF-86 about 32 months ago and 26 months has passed since security reviewed it over the phone. Although status is “actively processing” NO POLY/MED has been scheduled. any similar experiences out there? trying to understand what this might mean? is a letter to rescind the COE will be send out when someone gets to it?

You are getting long in tooth but that was yesterday’s reality. With covid19…its anyone’s guess when they start making headway at adjudication.

I was scheduled for a poly in mid-March. The day before I was set to go in, the office called me and told me that they were suspending testing indefinitely due to covid19, and they would call me as soon as they opened back up. I’m guessing it’ll be at least a couple months of no testing.

If you don’t mind, how long did you have to wait after SF-86 to be scheduled for poly? did your BI start before poly? what agency? is it MD? did you have a SI?

My BI was completed way back in April 2019. I had almost a year of silence before they contacted me for the poly. Yes, I am in MD. This is for a contractor position with the IC. I’m not sure what SI means, but I did not have any sort of clearance before this.

Thanks man. This is very helpful. Si is a subject interview.

Oh gotcha. Yeah my subject interview with an investigator was March 2019. Got a call from the investigator in April 2019 saying investigation was complete. Then I waited until March 2020 for the poly.

Is there an order to processing? do some agencies do poly first and others do it last?

I don’t think there’s any particular order, some people have the polygraph first, others have the BI first. Just depends how they manage your file I guess.