Congressional Inquiry

Hi all,
What’s the right amount of time to wait after personal interview before requesting a congressional inquiry on status of security clearance application? Had my interview in March, received interim, and it’s been crickets since.

Another year or more? I just recently moved forward on my priority TS, after having my SI in April.

There’s a few things you should try before reaching out to a Congress Member. From what I’ve read, they’re mostly helpful with getting final adjudication but if you’re in the earlier steps then they might not be as effective.

First if your investigation is DCSA/OPM you can find out directly if your investigation is closed or not. Thats the first hurdle.

If it’s been closed for 90 days then you should try to have your FSO submit a CSR to inquire about the status or request adjudication.

Its only after assuring that the investigation has been closed and that your hiring staff has tried to step in and get a status from the CAF would I try to get congressional intervention. Also, if its for a TS then a year is still mostly a standard wait time and you might receive that in response to your inquiry.

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Unless the Interim is preventing you from doing all the required work, why rock the boat. The process takes time for some people.

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You’re still early in the process. No need to involve a member of Congress - there’s more pressing matters on their part. Your best bet is to continue waiting. You’ve waited only 7 months thus far.

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I wouldn’t know, that sounds like FSO language or something adjudicators would understand.

CA does not mean your case is in adjudication. It is an internal PIPS code for staff members.

Can you tell me what it does mean / could mean? I don’t know anything about PIPS

PIPS codes are not normally meant for people outside the process. This is an example where someone knows just enough to create needless havoc (like telling Subjects they only need to list five years of residences instead of the required ten years.)

That code is neither good nor bad. It simply communicates a point in the process.

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Why is this considered early in the process? DCSA metrics show fastest 90% of T5s are getting completed in 90 days

Math time! DCSA processes approximately new 700,000 cases per year. Let’s say 10% are T5, that is 70,000 cases. 90 percent are within 90 days (many of those are young people joining the military or upgrading while in the military) leaving 7,000 cases taking more than 90 days per year. This is all pure guesstimation. Regardless, there are a lot of cases. That leaves a lot of people outside the norm.

This is only DCSA. There are several other smaller investigation service providers (ISP) that do intel clearances whose timelines are not often openly reported.

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Metrics never tell the whole story.

Nope, they don’t. It still boils down that some cases require additional investigation. We don’t close a case on the Federal side just to make a metric.

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