Congressional Inquiry- IC Clearance

I’ve read a lot about congressional inquiries for DoDCAF/OPM clearance delays and how that can help get the process back on track. Is the same true about IC clearances?

If one applied to the NSA/CIA/etc and was told to not share that information, would it look bad for that person to reach out to their reps/senators for an inquiry or would it be no different than any other clearance inquiry?

Getting impatient after more than 3 years, but don’t want to shoot myself in the foot. Thanks.


@12345, this is a great question!

I sent off for an inquiry after not hearing anything in a year. I haven’t heard back about the inquiry but was contacted by recruiter saying that they had everything and I should hear something soon. I don’t think that is just a coincidence. I believe the inquiry jarred something loose but I am not 100% sure yet.

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@hawk911… Would you only advise that if you’ve already had your BI completed and are in adjudication? Would it make sense to contact your Senator or Congressman if you haven’t been contacted for SI — or possibly NOT had your BI started?

(Hope this question make sense)

I only sent for the inquiry after not hearing anything for so long and after not being able to contact anyone at the agency. I had sent over 10 e-mails and left over 10 voicemails to multiple people at the agency with no response at all. It was a last resort option in my opinion.


@hawk911… gotcha!

I just sent a congressional inquiry this week. I am in the same boat as you. Investigation is closed 2 years after the e-qip was completed. It’s been almost a year since the investigation closed and no adjudication yet. If I get any positive feedback, I will let you know ASAP. I also had a request sent up from the Army to expedite the adjudication. Clearly that did not help at all.

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@Ceedeem who is your new clearance with? for a direct hire job or contractor?

It’s for DoD. I’m in the Army Reserves. Doing a reinvestigation for YS-SCI. My TS-SCI expired before they granted that 12 month extension.