Cong. Inquiry example?

Hi all,
The posts on here have been such a huge help. I’ve noticed several users have mentioned in other posts that they’ve sent congressional inquiries to their senator or representative. Does anyone have an example, advice, or possibly even a redacted version they wouldn’t mind sharing? I need to send one this week and thought it’d be best to ask those of you that have already successfully sent one as a starting point. Any / all help is extremely appreciated

Here’s mine:

To whom it concerns,

On 12/20/2017, I submitted my SF-86 form for a TS/SCI security clearance. My background investigation was completed in 2018. I have contacted my POC several times, but they are unable to tell me anything besides “actively processing.” It has now been more than 1,000 days since I submitted the required paperwork and my active processing began.

On 6/4/2020, I sought assistance from Senator Durbin’s office, but his staff received no reply.

I am asking a member of Senator Duckworth’s staff to inquire as to the current status of my application: specifically whether it has been adjudicated.

It is more than 3 years since I completed the required forms, and this prolonged waiting period with no feedback has negatively impacted my spouse’s and my ability to pursue career and personal opportunities due to the uncertainty of the situation. The security clearance backlog is not just a beltway or DC issue; it affects Americans doing national security and STEM work in every congressional district.

Your attention is appreciated.

My detailed timeline is:

12/4/2017: conditional offer of employment

12/20/2017: SF-86 submitted

4/2/2018: Interview with investigator

2/29/2020: SF-86-C submitted to update information from original SF-86, due to extended active processing time

11/14/2020: Full SF-86 (re)submitted, due to extended active processing time since the initial submission

and sorry to disappoint, but here was the result:

Dear Senator ABCD,

USG AGENCY provides all applicants with a contact number for status updates on their application process that they may use at any time… For security reasons, USG AGENCY declines to confirm the status of an applicant by name in unclassified correspondence.

Did you ever hear any updates on this? I’ve seen a number of people fill out SF-86Cs, but this is the first I’m hearing of someone having to resubmit the entire SF-86.

Hopefully you won’t have to sit for the poly/medical/psych again?

Had to meet with new set of investigators for subject interviews, references and neighbors reinterviewed. I fear another poly is in my future

Be prepared for another poly medical and psychological round along with “actively being processed” update after 6 months assuming you clear the Poly.

My gut feeling is people like is for more than 3 years into the process are being put on waiting list due to lack of billets , as soon as there is a relevant opening we should get a all clear …

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Yikes… @ArseneWenger, this doesn’t give me any hope for where I am in the process if restarting from scratch is an ever-present possibility.

My hope is that things will pick up again soon with the vaccine becoming more ubiquitous.

It’s insane. Probably not hurting national security at all though, the sheer volume of applicants ensures there is no lack of qualified talent. The skewed view is because most people come to this site only when they have issues so we only get to see the people that are taking a long time making their way through the process.

This is insane. So was it 2 years from COE to SF-86 resubmission? Or 2 years from poly?

I sometimes wonder if I should have gone the contractor route because at least you have a security POC to advocate for you. Are you currently trying to switch from green to blue?