TS/SCI taking too long to be completed


I have been waiting for my TS for more than a year(actually started in 2018). My SMO is not really helpful with providing information when I ask for the status. Last update he gave me was that my case was pending adjudication. Any help on how I can proceed to atleast find out more information on my status. My foreign travel have mostly been with the military. I do not have speeding tickets or drug usage/charges. I currently work per time waiting for a decision to be made so I can know my next move.

Contact your Member of Congress.

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Way to early to get political. 18 to 24 months was the norm in January.

I say its never too early. If you are dissatisfied with the length of the process, OP has the right to contact their MoC. There is no penalty for contacting them.

So if I think 30 days is too long…contact Congress that has nothing better to do than have a junior staffer inquire…to be told it is “in process.”

I’m not seeing any logic to that approach. Makes actual sense to wait standard processing times before elevating. Each time someone pushes for “daddy” or uses any inside pull…that takes resources away from slogging through the backlog.

Having Congress enquire rarely if ever takes a package and miraculously completes it.

All I am saying is that if you feel your process is taking too long, contact your MoC. Some people have reported waiting for over 2 years with their life on hold with a shred of hope that they will get a clearance, not realizing their denial notification has been sitting in a pile on somebody’s desk, or in their email inbox being ignored and they have just not been notified.

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2 years being the norm…sure one could enquire. Very different than simply running to Congress when a person feels inconvenienced. The amount of individual hours spent getting one sf86 to an acceptable level is amazing. Particularly when the client will make one call telling you it was shredded due to a missing date of birth…or some other innoquous detail…at times we needed to send back to the person 3 or 4 times, wait for the corrections, review…then submit. There are so many points along the way where legitimate reasons slow a package. Making everyone stop what they are doing to research a package not even in prime stage yet…stopping work on other packages…is counterproductive to the overall system, slow as it is.

@Amberbunny2 at this point, how many months since SF86 submission would you say that an applicant would be justified contacting a member of congress?

If your position requires a Poly I would say 24 months minimum. With the clock starting (calendar?) from when your Security Manager/FSO had a formal response stating you are in process. As EdFarmer is fond of saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Apply for other non cleared career areas or agencies with varying degrees of clearance. When you get through the system then make decision if it is the path for you. As I predicted well over a year ago it was a shell game reducing the backlog. They ginned up and subcontracted background investigations to many companies. Some good, some not so good. There are so many pulse points where your package can sit waiting for the next “hands on” touch. The clog was pushed down the pipeline to adjudication. That is the critical step in determining who gets blessed and who does not. Keep in mind every major spy case? Well they passed BI’s, pol;ys etc. For years. Even decades. So even with meticulous review, multiple overviews…loads of algorithms…it is a personnel call and we still get it wrong.Hence why those reviewing them are allowed to take their time. Meanwhile in the real world we are puting our lives on hold. I get that its frustrating. In a recent position I was moving well past 24 months and these folks were cleared secret for many months prior and had near perfect credit scores, no arrests, foreign contacts or travel…

I’m at 890 days since SF86 submission, and it was confirmed my BI wrapped up in 2018. I’m first time TS/SCI with an IC agency which does their own process in house

Yeah reinvestigations are on back burner. Good for 6 years now. Problem is your next reinvestigation…will be based on close date of BI. If complete since 2018…you will re enter the hopper again in a short time after getting cleared this time. IC is hopelessly landlocked for adjudication presently.

Update: got a response back from DoD via congress . All I got was that I have initially received MSSD non-recommendation so they require some documents to process TS. My security officer has sent the required documents back to DoD which they acknowledged to have received in 2018. Yet the response I got said they are waiting for Document from ODCS G-1 to process my
Clearance. My security officer said he has no
Idea what other documents they are requiring