TS Reinvestigations

I currently hold a TS clearance. I am working on a contract that requires TS and the contracting company is holding my TS. My five years for TS clearance are now coming to an end around march of the next year. My question is that I have seen on some websites that TS security clearances re-investigations are now pushed back to six years instead of five years due to some Back Logs. Is that correct. Also how would I know when to start the Re-investigation process. Would that be me or my FSO will inform me. Basically how do I know when to start the Re-investigation process.

According to this memo from Defense Security Service, the five year requirement has been temporarily extended to six years but there is some exception for Special Access Programs (SAP).

I think your security officer can initiate the periodic reinvestigation (PR) process no more than 90 days prior to the five (or six) year anniversary of your previous investigation date.

Thanks for the answer. One more question please. In case the TS clearance re-investigation is initiated lets say 90 days prior to five year anniversary or six year anniversary. Will my clearances show “out of scope” in JPAS right after the 5 year date (exact date) of initial investigation or it will show “out of scope” after six year OR what will show in JPAS if anything. Regardless of what shows in JPAS does it mean that I have TS clearance and I am going through the re-investigation process?

Can you please provide some clarification. I am not planning to switch my contract until the RI is completed. How do other employers see this as that is in case the contract ends for any reasons.

Your JPAS status concerning clearance eligibility will not change during a PR. Anyone looking will see a current clearance with an investigation in process.

Is the current 6 year TS reinvestigation timeline only for DoD, or does it apply to TS reinvestigations at DOJ, DHS, and other agencies as well??

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