New T5 PR Policy

The Defense Security Service (DSS) issued a notice last week for Industry security professionals that outlined a new policy for Tier 5 Periodic Reinvestigations (PRs). In short, the notice stated that PRs for Top Secret clearance holders are now to be submitted at the six year mark instead of the previous five year anniversary. Additionally, the notice reiterated that reciprocity for investigations should continue to be granted if the investigation is within the last 7 years. The only exceptions to the six year reinvestigation timeline will be for those who need continued access to Special Access Programs. The intent of this policy is to allow the NBIB to reduce the current backlog and help DSS to prioritize initial Tier 5 investigations. We will see how successful it was when they review the policy at the end of 2017.

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I looked this up on the DSS PSMO-I website to see if there were any more tidbits but @marko.hakamaa hit all the key points. I was wondering if clearance holders requiring access to SCI are covered by this but it doesn’t say. I guess they are covered by Tier 5.

This is good news for me because my last PR was completed in 2014 and still has not been adjudicated. This gives the government an extra year to adjudicate me before starting the PR process all over again :confounded:

Any changes to PRs for Secret clearances?

Nope, however, DOD/Industry has not yet even fully implemented the new 5 year PR for Secret clearance holders.

One of those websites I was looking at said that DNI has recommended five year updates for Secret, but DoD has not accepted or implemented that recommendation.

That would really make the backlog into a mega monster.

Hi everyone new member here. Do you notice on the DSS website it says “for contractors”?

January 6, 2017
Notice of six-year submission window for contractor periodic reinvestigations

So what about active duty military with TS-SCI?

Federal agencies and military components are still following the established timelines and may publish internal memos to defer on a case by case basis.