Secret PR timeframe


I heard that PR for Secret clearance is now 5 years but just read on here that PR for TS is 6. What is the current and future (16 months) requirements for PR. My TWMS status indicates 2022 but I am already over the 5 years period since last PR started. I am looking to witch jobs and want to smooth future employers that they got a cleared man for at least 4 more years.


There has been some talk about requiring five year update for Secret but it ain’t gonna happen if you ask this squirrel.

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I’m gonna ask this squirrel. Why do you say that?

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I say that because the backlog is so overwhelming at this point that if they started doing updates for secret every five years it would crash the system.

I think they want to go to some kind of “continuous investigation” process but I don’t know what that really means.

DoD and IC agencies have not implemented the 5 year reinvestigation cycle for Secret level clearances. Some other agencies have. As long as your clearance eligibility shows active it can be transferred to a new employer.