Early periodic reinvestigation? Why?

I’ve been a federal employee for a long time. I started with my current agency in 2018 and had to do an SF-85P, though I don’t have any security clearance that I know of. I just got an email saying that I had to do a periodic reinvestigation now, though the normal time was every 5 years.

I asked why, and they said my recent personnel change. I moved, but I can’t see why that would matter. I also got a year-long detail with my same agency, but all the sensitive information I am exposed to is the exact same sensitive info that I am exposed to in my permanent position (often with the same databases). Also, I’m six months into this detail as it stands now.

I’m not happy about this, mostly because I’m looking for a new job and don’t want to have to go through 2 investigations/2 eqips in like a year.

Is there something that might have triggered this? Is this normal to have a reinvestigation like a year in advance?

They remain so backlogged…starting now…if they do a full BI…likely just review and roll you to Continuous Evaluation…it might be finished just as the old one passes 5 years. Definitely want to stay until either CE or renewed BI is good

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The key here is SF85P and position change. This is very common in the public trust sector as there is no continuous evaluation or set timelines for reinvestigations.

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