Pt reinvestigation 2 years early

i’ve had a public trust since 2014. i started a new job and had to go through the process from the beginning in 2018. i thought they lasted 5 years. a couple weeks ago, got an email from mgmt that many folks were temporarily removed from the roster due to our company missing a deadline for reinvestigations. so i had to start over again. on the question “have you had a clearance denied or revoked” they told me to indicate “no”. But I don’t understand- i can’t work until the reinvest is done. should i worry or is this normal? i had nothing new to report.

Public trust don’t have “time limits” to my knowledge. Even security clearance investigations every 5 years was not set in stone.

If you check 5 CFR 731, you will see that all public trust investigations must be done every five years. If an individual changes positions, a new investigation may be required if they go to a higher sensitivity.

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A Public Trust determination is not a security clearance or an access authorization; therefore, the question regarding revocations and denials at section 23 of the SF85P does not apply. Even if you were being processed for a security clearance, the question at section 23 specifically excludes administration terminations.

A lot of agencies ignore the requirement for reinvestigations at 5 CFR Part 731. I’m aware of one agency that allowed contractors to continue in High Risk Public Trust positions for more than 7 years without a reinvestigation.

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