How will CE show up in JPAS/DISS?

So in the pre-continuous evaluation (CE) system, you’d be contacted by security, you’d fill out some forms, get contacted by an investigator, references would be contacted, and at some point JPAS would show that your investigation was complete. Then came the long wait for adjudication, but at some point you’d have a new clearance date.

How is it supposed to work with CE? You’d still be informed by security that you need to fill out new forms. But is there any interview at all? Is there a subject interview? Is there still adjudication?

I suspect that the answers to these and other questions may vary depending if you are a government employee or contractor, if your clearance is with an IC agency or not, and I guess some people will still get their update done the old-fashioned way.

I had a friend who had to do this. He spoke about his dui charge in a prior interview that was already adjudicated. Security called him and asked him to fill out a sf86 again. Of course he listed the issue again (I’m his friend) then he had to submit an answer to their question about the incident. He did all this through security but never was contacted by an investigator

They just told me I would be continually evaluated (CE, lol) and no more paperwork. If there are any concerns they would reach out to me in order to obtain information. Other than that its just continue on like a normal person.

There is no line for CE in JPAS, if in CE JPAS will show the last investigation close in 2012, 2013 or so (~6 years). Some of mine will show the PSQ date of when I sent in the eQIP. Up until August 1 I was able to get an email response from VROC confirming CE Enrollment Date. After August 1 you HAVE to get that info from DISS. IF VROC emails you back they will only send you the DISS instructions. Inconvenient because I was able to forward the official email from the government to the employee, and now I do not get those so I feel it looks less official. Those in CE did not get contacted by an investigator.

Those enrolled usually had little to no changes on their SF86. I’m about 50/50. Those who are going through a traditional re-investigation had life changes since 2012 (moved residences, had kids, foreign relative issues) that are being re-investigated.

Stay tuned for how this shakes out in the future…

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In regards to CE, that’s typically on the FSO to make sure they are contacting the individual once they receive notification. The way you are notified in JPAS is you will receive this HUGE message from the CAF basically explaining the whole reasoning for CE and also it talks about the Memo signed back in 2016 about how clearances will not expire. The link below is basically what you will see in the " Message from the CAF Section " with the individual’s name next to it.

Now DISS, it’s not too difficult for account holders. Once logged into DISS and on the home page. Look to the bottom left where it says " subject ", enter the individuals Social. Once you hit enter, you can scroll down to where it says CE, should be able to see the info there.

So once someone is enrolled, what date does it show in JPAS?

Nothing. It doesnt show anything.

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