Inquiry for my record in DISS

I am the first time clearance applicant. I sent a request to “DCSA adjudication (” for my DISS record, especially my current security clearance status. The reply I got is “my current clearance status is listed as None”. I am also notified that I need an employer in order to get a security clearance granted, which is weird because my current security clearance is under investigation. The question here is: could people at DCSA adjudication section be able to see the ongoing investigation before the investigation result is sent to adjudication?

I think the old JPAS system could record both investigation history and adjudication history. Thus, if somebody requests a copy of JPAS records, all the previous / current investigations’ and adjudications’ history will be mailed out.

JPAS did not provide details for the investigation process either. Also, it appears you only asked for your DISS record and not your investigative files.

How are you getting a background investigation without a sponsor? Someone has to fund the investigation process.

Yes, I have a sponsor and the investigation has already started. I am very confused by the response from DCSA adjudication.

JPAS did not provide details for the investigation process, but it gave out a summary of the investigation history, e.g. who is the sponsor of the investigation and when the investigation starts and closes.

DISS is not DCSA adjudication. DISS is a record keeping system (to really simplify it).