There are no records of my background check/SF-86?


A week or so ago I sent out a request with the DCSA on possibly receiving a copy of my background investigation and SF-86.

I received an email that said the DCSA has no records on file. Is it possible it was misplaced?

A month or so ago I received an email that said my clearance was accepted. It came from a known source and I received a job offer.

Something doesn’t add up. Is it possible that the DCSA doesn’t have any record of my background investigation/SF - 86 or should I be concerned about this?

Any feedback would be helpful.

This is the email I sent the request to


Some agencies don’t use DCSA to conduct clearances even though they use the SF86. An example of that is DHS (CBP/ICE/TSA etc.). There are also many intel agencies that don’t process clearances through DCSA and DCSA has no information about those clearances.

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It is more confusing than that RB22. DCSA currently does not do ICE/CBP investigations but we do the TSA investigations.

OP - your investigation was probably completed by one of the few independent investigation service providers (i.e. not DCSA)


Thank you for the info!