There are no records of my background check/SF-86?


A week or so ago I sent out a request with the DCSA on possibly receiving a copy of my background investigation and SF-86.

I received an email that said the DCSA has no records on file. Is it possible it was misplaced?

A month or so ago I received an email that said my clearance was accepted. It came from a known source and I received a job offer.

Something doesn’t add up. Is it possible that the DCSA doesn’t have any record of my background investigation/SF - 86 or should I be concerned about this?

Any feedback would be helpful.

This is the email I sent the request to


Some agencies don’t use DCSA to conduct clearances even though they use the SF86. An example of that is DHS (CBP/ICE/TSA etc.). There are also many intel agencies that don’t process clearances through DCSA and DCSA has no information about those clearances.

It is more confusing than that RB22. DCSA currently does not do ICE/CBP investigations but we do the TSA investigations.

OP - your investigation was probably completed by one of the few independent investigation service providers (i.e. not DCSA)

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