Clearance Check- Reference said they left out information, is it an issue?

Hello, I’ve been undergoing a clearance check (involving an SF-86) that’s needed for a job I’ve been offered. I recently spoke with one of the references I used for the form, and they mentioned that they decided not to bring up potentially relevant information when speaking with an investigator for my check (note, I did not ask them to do so). Part of their rationale was that they thought said information wasn’t really a big concern regarding what was asked, while I am not sure.

Should I consult with the investigator for my check/my potential employers’ security staff that initially contacted me about the form/a security clearance attorney for guidance? Or, seeing as I was not present at the actual interview between them and the investigator, am I just worrying too much about it and should instead just sit tight? I don’t think said information would contradict anything I put on my SF-86.

You don’t need to contact anyone this happens all the time.