adding information during interview

Hello!, I’ve currently finished a contract with a secret clearance and I am currently in the works of getting a confidential security clearance for a different employer. While filling out the sf85 I was complacent because I was undergoing training at the same time thinking that my security clearance would roll over to my next job. I was wrong and I left out one employer and two residencies over a 7-month span. During the interview I omitted to the investigator of the situation I left all of my jobs honorably and I’m hoping that I did not throw a wrench in the system. I don’t mind if it takes long I just simply don’t want to be denied for skimming through the sf86. If I added information after the interview would this affect my clearance approval? Thank you

You “omitted to the investigator”? I understand typos but did you tell him or not?

If you didn’t, you have a problem. If you informed the investigator during the interview, you should be fine. People make mistakes. As long as it didn’t look like you were trying to hide something.

I dud tell her during the interview, I assume I am using omitting wrong? Thank you !

So . . . You “admitted to the investigator?”

Ha ! I admitted to omitting information , ommiting being neglected info on the form (Sf85) .So yes ? And yes ?.. a bit of a mix up, It was due to the time limit that my employer wanted it complete and the training I was going through at the time I don’t wish it to come off as complacency but hindsight 20/20