Security Clearance Re-investigation -- Notified for interview

I started the re-investigation in November for my secret clearance. When I was filling out the SF-86 I noticed some wrong information. I advised my company and they told me to fix it.

I got my Secret clearance from the Army. I don’t know who filled out the paperwork but I don’t recall filling it out and don’t even remember being put in for a secret clearance.

Items wrong:
Mom and Dad’s birthday was wrong (Mom’s birthday was put as my Dad’s and vice versa)
Brother’s birth location was wrong (Brother was adopted and born in Korea but old SF-86 said he was born in USA)
No other siblings noted (I was adopted and have two biological siblings. I did not grow up with them and was adopted at birth. I now listed them on the re-investigation)

Is this the reason why I have to go for an interview?

I also did not mention foreign contacts but on my Facebook I have a few foreigners on there. I did not mention that I wired money (less than $2000) to bank accounts for services such as makeup artist while I as on vacation and to buy a laptop for someone in exchange for tutoring services. I did get a DUI in 2006 but did not mention it since it was not a criminal offense to my knowledge. In December I traveled with a foreigner and this was not mentioned since I filled out the paperwork in November. Should I mention all this when I go to the interview?

For military enlistees the recruiter fills in the information that is sent to the MEPS Security Officer for review. At MEPS you should have had an interview to go over the information. It is not unheard of for stuff to get “lost in translation”, so that part you just explain what happened. The other omissions may be a problem for you especially the DUI, which you will hav eto explain why you failed to list it.

When I filled out again my SF86 the army recruiter screwed things up royalty. I had to put explanations in also every single box. Remember to the military recruiter its about numbers and not always the best on accuracy and clarity.

When I went MEPS I wasn’t able to look at the paperwork the recruiter submitted. I also didn’t have the option of school debt repayment.