Sf-86 security clearance form

Hi, I I have filed my sf-86 form and am noticing that I unknowingly made mistakes. Will I be able to clarify them during my interview?

Yes, you will be able to…


What if it was a D.U.I?

I had left out an arrest for D.U.I. That happened 20 yrs ago. I was under the assumption that they o my wanted the last 10 yrs. Would this be grounds for denial?

Not necessarily. Your investigator will probably bring it up and you will have to explain yourself. You can say what you just said (you thought it was out of scope) and they will write your answer down and submit it. It’s up to an adjudicator to decide if you are a security risk based on your omission. I wouldn’t worry, let the process run its course, continue on with your life. I think you still have a chance. Don’t give up hope. :slight_smile:


No, just fix it during interview.

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What billybob said. I was able to provide updates and make any clarifications on my SF86.

Bring it up before the Agent/Investigator mentions it and “all is forgiven”. The misread time period is a common error.