Haunting Prior sf86 from 2013

In 2013 at when I was 24 years old I applied for TSA and completed a SF86. I dont know why but there are two I did that were days apart. Anyway, there is a lot of missing information including schools I went to and employers including one I was fired from in 2012. TBH I purposely left out that info because I suppose at the time i thought it didn’t make a difference and I wasn’t really interested in TSA anyway. Though the SF86s were submitted I did not complete the recruitment process for TSA, deciding on another career path. Anyway, I just was offered a job with ICE that requires a secret clearance. I had no idea that 2013 would come back to haunt me due to what the BI will see as omissions and dishonesty once I complete this current SF86. I actually forgot all about the prior one until I saw on the system that they were saved. I want to be honest and explain everything on the additional page. I had no idea this would follow me. I was naive at the time and very apologetic today. Thoughts?

24 is on the high end for saying “I was young, dumb, and stupid.” However, each person finds their path on their own schedule. Does the system reflect you completed and submitted or is it just there allowing you to update? You may be saved by a technicality in that it never went forward and was not yet a final edit. If it was and they stopped processing due to withdrawal on your part…also good. If not…simply fill it out correctly, full disclosure, and be honest. Life looks different at 31 than it did at 24. Simply explain that. If you truly forgot info explain that. If you haphazardly filled it out…say that. Whatever you do, don’t live in the incomplete history and double down. Explain it all. And tell investigator you previously filled out but withdrew.


Everything Amberbunny said.


Just a followup. I was offered a interim clearance. So far the investigator has not mentioned anything about the past form during brief engagement with him when he’s seeking sources. And He seems to be on top of things. I withdrew from tsa but i don’t think sf86 was reviewed despite having turn it in. According to the applicant dashboard I had not reached the sf86 review part.