Worried about Security clearance

So I have a question regarding the secret security clearance. For context I joined the AirForce and I ship out on the 28th of this month. I’m just worried about my security clearance, I was fired from a grocery store job last year for taking some snacks without paying for them. My recruiter told me not to put that on my form however on my interview it was brought up and I came clean about the incident, the investigator did not seem too worried and told me it’s not like I punched someone or committed grand theft, I was not charged or anything there was no police involvement and I did not have to pay back anything since it was not really a large sum. I do not have any felonies or any issues with the law at all, I would say im a good citizen since I just go to school and work. However the special investigator called me today and asked me about another job at a restaurant that I quit because they deemed me not eligible for rehire due to unfavorable performance, I explained to him the classic case of a new manager being rude and not treating the staff with respect and gave him details about the last straw that led me to put in my two weeks, he asked if I reported the manager to HR which I did not, and that was pretty much it. He told me nothing else that’s bad came up so far regarding my investigation and I don’t think I have anything else that could come up. So if I didn’t put down I was fired on my sf86 form, but came clean to my investigator during the interview, should I be worried? Would it count as a correction since I told him the full truth? I did not purposefully emit any information except for me getting fired because my recruiter told me not to list it. I just hope I don’t come across as untrustworthy or dishonest because I have been honest, I just did not know to explain the reasoning behind my departure from the restaurant on my form. I have worked two other jobs that I’m in great standing with, could they deny my security clearance because of this?

Did you tell your Investigator that the recruiter told you not to list the termiantion?

Did the Investigator ask for your recruiter’s information?