Interviews under CE/CV

My secret clearance is coming up for reinvestigation after 10 years, which coincides with the transition to CE/CV at my agency. Initial clearance 10 years ago was granted without an interview. Will I be interviewed this time? No changes on the SF86 except for residence change and foreign travel which was reported to my SO. My concern is a very brief discrete extramarital affair 11 years ago that was not required to be reported on the initial SF86. The “partner” was not a foreign national, contractor, or coworker, there has been no contact with this person since the affair, and I have not repeated the behavior. My spouse knows I did this, as do others, and the chances of blackmail/coercion is zero. I am a model employee and have tried to put this behind me. There is no derogatory info in my SF86. My spouse and I received counseling years ago and our marriage now is wonderful. Should I stop worrying about it?

I think you can stop worrying about it. Under CE/CV, there are no interviews unless certain triggers and thresholds are met by a search of the various databases that CE checks.