SF86 and sexual conduct

Does anyone know why the things that can trip you up in an interview situation aren’t asked as questions on the SF86? Is potential coercion due to an undisclosed affair or other activity not considered a serious enough risk if all you’re getting is a collateral Secret clearance? Or is it some law that prevents such questions? My assumption is interviews are very rare with a collateral Secret…

Sexual behavior or preferences is not covered because of the potential for discrimination, bias, and decision-making for hiring. Only if it can be used to blackmail you does it come into play.

But since it’s not asked on the form they won’t know the potential exists until something else happens, such as an interview. Hence my question. If they thought it was a big risk at that level (secret) they’d have to interview all applicants or ask a legal question on the form that would give them an indication they need to dig further.