"Sexting" and clearance

Hi all, I was wondering what the chances are of losing clearance at TS level for “sexting”.

I recently came across being asked this for a PR and answered with the affirmative.

I have never and did not try to to hide it from investigator, Did nothing illegal and was straight forward that i have no reason for it to be something that can be used in blackmail or coercion. In essence, i am not concerned with it being exposed if it were to be. They used example of it being shown to my mom. I honestly don’t worry about those things. I dont and have never had my private life influence my professional.

I have had a TS/SCI since 2004 and have never had an security violations or anything on any of the 13 guidelines. This is the firstime i have ever been asked about it since someone i knew brought it (not negatively or in any sexual harassment way).

Anyone have any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance.

At what point in the interview did that come up? Did you volunteer the information or were you specifically asked, do you sext?

Could be for an IC or LE organization. They sometimes have additional suitability questions in addition to the regular sf.

Hi, thanks for response.

It came up after someone told another investigator that i did with them, (not sure why that even came up). So when investigation was initially turned in to OPM, they asked my investigator (the one who met with me), to ask about it; if i do and if i felt it could be used for coercion. It definitely cannot be used for coercion as i was and am open about it and told investigator all about it. I’m hiding nothing.

I would think it would be a non issue. The caveats to that would be if you are married of course and conducting that behavior with some one else, using company/gov resources in that activity, or minors involved.

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Thanks for response.

Yeah i’m hoping not. I’m not married or anything like that so i’m hoping they were just fishing to see if i would lie.