TS/SCI curiosity question

I have been looking around and haven’t seen much on this… I had a brief affair 3 years back and it is known by my spouse and co workers. Received a LOR/UIF for the incident. Having a secret clearance at the time, would this affect me getting a TS if my spouse and I are past the event? Is 3 years long enough to mitigate it?

I brought up the information in the interview. I’m also in the military and was at the time if that changes anything.

Thanks for any helpful information.

If the indiscretion is out in the open you probably will not have much of an issue but you, and probably your wife, are going to have to relive the whole thing during the investigation.

You both need to be ready for that.


I appreciate the feedback. It’s been radio silence since talking to the investigator in October… I take it that’s a good sign? I know every investigation is different.

The bottom line is can you be blackmailed for the information. If you are open and honest and don’t feel you can be blackmailed you should be fine. But yes you’ll probably all have to relive the issue and speak about it in detail.