Ts/sci Question?

Hi, just posting this for advice since I can’t stop thinking about it and I’d appreciate someone with any experience or vague hint of understanding of the system to tell me if I should just forget about getting clearance or not.

The clearance is ts/sci with fs poly, which went…questionably. I did come back for a 2nd take the next day and was told I resolved one of the questions (the second wasn’t even discussed) and did ‘well’. However, I absolutely feel I overshared so much information that wasn’t necessary and doesn’t actually pertain to me but to relatives I am barely acquainted with because I worried their backgrounds could disqualify me. Since some had involvement in foreign military etc. I’ve only seen those relatives a handful of times in my life and volunteering information on poly was not the greatest move I know. My investigator had even told me don’t worry about them but the poly questioning technique worked on me completely. Apparently I need to work on my nervous talking since I didn’t want to not disclose something that could come up. I also mentioned that I had downloaded songs and streamed a few movies in my youth (read:5-7th grade) which I think is outside of the scope but I’m not 100% on that. I did disclose it to my investigator as well since it was so long ago for me I forgot about it (my memory of anything past two years ago is fuzzy let alone something 7+ years ago). For those reasons my most recent (single instance) download is on my forms but the old stuff isn’t. I don’t have any other issues with drug use or debts or academic violations, and I’ve never had workplace issues, etc.

I know it didn’t go well, and I’m kind of assuming already I’ll get suitability denial if not a full stop clearance denial, but I’d appreciate other takes (or even an ‘it’s fine it’s not the end of the world’ to be honest. Beating myself up pretty hard here).

Thank you!!