TS SCI w/Poly (4 tries) Clearance Question

I’ve been lurking here awhile while processing for a position for a Maryland agency. I’ve gone through the entire process, SF-86 submitted spring of ‘19, background check completed in July. I’ve smoked weed about 6ish times over the 10 years, most recently, once in Amsterdam in 2016. Also used a friend’s Adderall a couple times in college. Shoplifted once in high school. Used to download music. But I disclosed all this up front on all forms.

I haven’t been able to pass the poly to save my life. Failed both parts on my first 2 attempts. Passed the CI portion on my 3rd attempt, but still couldn’t pass the background portion on my 4th try last week. I can’t imagine I’ll get another shot. So my question is, has anyone gotten through without passing both sections? Or does anyone know anyone who has? I just want to know if I should finally give up hope at this point. Thanks in advance for any info and/or speculation.

What does “both sections” mean? I had a poly with FBI for a TS which I passed, even though right after it concluded the person conducting it said :I’m picking up something… but I’m going to recommend you anyway. But I was never told that this is the end of so and so section, now the next section begins…

It is a hard one. It looks like you did disclose everything. But final decision is up to them.
If this is one I think it is. It will be a tough sell. I had everything they wanted and they still deny my application after 2 years of waste time and taxpayers’ dollars.

As soon as examiner signed off positively on your exam you good to go.

“Both sections” refers to the counter intelligence portion and the background portion. They may not always be broken up. Questions for two may be interlaced.