Poly with Current TS/SCI

I have a question about my TS/SCI and taking a poly. I currently have a clearance within IC and have to take one within this year. I was wondering what would happen if i got an inconclusive poly or negative poly results? Would I lose my job? Before anyone states “are you trying to hide anything?”, I am not hiding anything.

I was just wondering what would happened because before when I applied I had to take 2 polygraphs and I was employed before, so I didn’t worry about getting a job. But now it’s different because I am a single father and have children. So I am worried if something godforbid happens, I will be out of a job.

I also have a perfectly clean background with my BI. Long story short, my question is, with a clean background, what happens if a current Fed employee fails a poly? Will they lose their job? And if so what are the recourse I can take? I plan of being truthful of course before anyone accuses me. Thanks everyone

If you fail a polygraph, or worse, end up being accused of having used polygraph countermeasures (not using them is no protection against being accused of using them), then that may indeed culminate in suspension or revocation of your existing security clearance, and your employment, although we are not aware of a policy mandating that outcome.

Those who wrongly fail polygraphs have no meaningful avenue of appeal.

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I was in a similar situation before. I took a job within the IC that required a CI poly. I didn’t think much of it because I have a clean background and have never done anything wrong. 3 poly’s later I found myself looking for another job with no explanation of what the issue was. My clearance was also in a state of limbo for 2 years. I recommend doing your duedilegence on the process and fully understanding it. It is not as straight forward as it would seem to be, it all depends on your polygrapher and their mood that day.

So there is no recourse to take in general? I cannot find any policy regarding this

Did you take the job and had the clearance? or did you not have clearance when you took the job? also thank you for your input, I am just worried in general. I am not a good test taker

I had a TS for 7+ years and an SCI for almost 5. I was never a good test taker either. I wish I could say more. Just remember to keep your discussions short, yes or no.

Correct, across the federal government, polygraph victims are left without recourse. Some years ago, we filed a Freedom of Information Act request for documentation of the NSA’s polygraph policy, which they provided. You’ll find the documents they provided here. As you’ll see, there is no appeal process. Although these documents are dated, we are not aware of any substantive changes in the way things are run.

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I was reading some articles online and found this No adverse action concerning these guidelines may be taken solely on the basis of polygraph examination technical calls in the absence of adjudicatively significant information. Does this apply for current Fed workers? @Marko @amberbunny, I am confused on the wording of this

In theory, it applies to current federal workers. In practice, security clearances may be revoked based solely on the basis of polygraph examination technical calls, and employment terminated as a result. See the case of DIA employee John M.

It is kind of doublespeak. No, you don’t fail based on the Poly…you fail based on adjudicatively significant information(ASI) . What is the difference between the two? Only time. Poly has concerns, you are given multiple chances to speak to, explain, give amplifying info…and then it is passed off to the people who make decisions…Adjudicators. It is considered Poly info while Poly had it. It is considered ASI. Bottom line: you need address and resolve the info learned on the Poly.

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Thank you for your responsive. so to clarify, inconclusive poly or negative poly results will not deny a clearance, only if there is adjudicatively significant information(ASI)?

I also have a perfectly clean background with my BI.my question is, with a clean background, what happens if a current Fed employee fails a poly? Will they lose their job?

If adjudication does not feel there is an issue or the explanation given makes sense…they are okay. If they BS the answer/reason or cannot justify the responses, they are terminated based on the information gained in the interview and subsequent adjudication, not he Poly. Double speak for yes you can be fired or lose your clearance.

I don’t think you are hiding anything. You are a worrier, I’m the same way. This scenario is exactly why I’m not “110% all in” for such roles. Serving my country is my dream job don’t get me wrong… but to think a re-investigation can sink my career, pension, etc, on highly controversial device. I also sometimes feel if they want you out they can just have you “fail” the poly. I love my country, but my career in hands of voodoo science. Hmm I will take a pass. I wonder how many others think like me?

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Polys suck. There’s no way around it. My friends who work as space contractors don’t have to take them. Arseholes.

How is that possible? All space positions I have looked into for contractors require poly unless the position was TS and did not require SCI or SAP.